Donations can be sent by means of cheque or demand draft in favour of "Annai Teresa Charitable Trust "
All the expenses for the maintenance of the inmates in home are met from the contributions in cash or kind by kind hearted people, philanthropists and well wishers.
Donors can provide food to the inmates on their Birthdays, Wedding Days , Anniversary Days, or on any other memorable occasion suitable to them.

Further donors also sponsor some amount towards children's education or to meet the monthly expenses of the elderly inmates.
In addition to this, people desires to donate to the home can take the endowment scheme and help the home's activities with the annual interest accrued from the deposited money.



Full day special meals

Rs. 8,000 /-

One time special meals

Rs. 5,000 /-

Sponsoring education for a child a year

Rs. 7,000 /-

Sponsoring education for a child for a year in English medium

Rs. 12,000 /-

Child Sponsor Package

Rs. 10,000 /-

Sponsoring a child per month

Rs. 3,000 /-

Sponsoring a senior citizen per month

Rs. 2,500 /-

Sponsoring a bag of rice (75 kgs)

Rs. 3,600 /-

Sponsoring a cremation

Rs.3,000 - Rs.30,000 /-

Sponsoring endowment **

Rs. 25,000 /-